Can External Hemorrhoids Disappear Naturally?

Today, we will explore the intriguing question of whether external hemorrhoids can disappear on their own. Dr. Edward Chung, a proctologist, sheds light on this common concern. Let’s dive into the details and understand the factors that play a crucial role in the natural disappearance of external hemorrhoids.

Factors Behind Natural Disappearance

Many individuals wonder if their external hemorrhoids can go away without intervention. Dr. Chung provides insights into the factors that influence this natural process.

External hemorrhoids, often unnoticed, can flare up due to various reasons. This swelling occurs as a result of irritation and immune system response. In most cases, the body’s natural healing process can gradually reduce the swelling, returning the hemorrhoids to their initial, inconspicuous state.

The Role of Creams and Treatments

Patients often resort to over-the-counter creams and treatments in an attempt to alleviate hemorrhoid discomfort. Dr. Chung explains that while such treatments may offer relief, the hemorrhoids might naturally shrink on their own without intervention.

Using these creams can indeed provide relief, but it’s important to recognize that the natural healing process might have played a significant role in the recovery. Therefore, not all credit can be given to external treatments.

Protecting and Preserving Hemorrhoids

Repeated flare-ups can lead to the enlargement of external hemorrhoids. Dr. Chung advises that it’s essential to protect and preserve your hemorrhoids by adopting healthier habits.

Each flare-up can cause a slight increase in the size of the hemorrhoids. Therefore, it’s crucial to take measures to prevent future irritations and protect your well-being. Dr. Chung recommends exploring lifestyle adjustments, such as maintaining soft stools, to minimize the risk of hemorrhoid complications.

Situations Where Hemorrhoids Don’t Go Away

While external hemorrhoids have the potential to reduce in size naturally, there are situations where they may not disappear completely. Dr. Chung distinguishes between individuals who started with larger external hemorrhoids and those with smaller ones.

If you had substantial external hemorrhoids to begin with, causing them to flare up might lead to significant swelling. In such cases, the immune system might not be sufficient to reduce them to their original size. It’s important to understand that hemorrhoids don’t vanish entirely once they’ve developed, and ongoing flare-ups can lead to continuous growth.


In conclusion, the natural disappearance of external hemorrhoids depends on various factors, including their initial size, the body’s immune response, and the individual’s habits. It’s essential to protect and preserve your hemorrhoids to prevent further complications. While external treatments can offer relief, they may not be solely responsible for the natural shrinkage of hemorrhoids. By understanding these factors, you can take better care of your hemorrhoid health.