Patricia Guttenbeil on Keytruda: A Life-Changing Drug for Lung Cancer Patients

Patricia Guttenbeil’s world came crashing down when her husband Jason was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was a healthy man who never smoked, and his diagnosis was a shock to their family. The couple started chemotherapy treatment, but it didn’t work. It was then that they heard about Keytruda, a life-changing drug that could improve Jason’s quality of life.

In this sharing, we’ll delve into Patricia’s experience with Keytruda and how it helped her husband in his battle against lung cancer.

Keytruda: A game-changer in lung cancer treatment

Patricia and Jason heard about Keytruda during one of their meetings with their oncologist. Although the doctor was a bit reluctant to prescribe the drug due to its high cost, he agreed that Jason could take it. Patricia and Jason used their savings and started a givealittle page to raise the funds needed for Jason’s Keytruda treatment.

According to Patricia, the difference when Jason was on Keytruda was stark. The drug improved his quality of life, stopped his breathlessness, and reduced his coughing. Jason was able to get up and go out with family and the children, something that was not possible earlier. Keytruda gave Jason about six months of really good quality of life, and he lived 11 months.

The financial burden of life-saving drugs

Although Keytruda was a life-changing drug for Jason, its high cost was a major concern for Patricia and her family. They had to use their savings and start a fundraising campaign to pay for Jason’s treatment. Some people may not be as lucky as Patricia and Jason to afford the cost of such life-saving drugs.

Patricia believes that everyone should have access to the best drugs available for their treatment. Her experience has inspired her to start a petition to the New Zealand government to fund Keytruda for lung cancer patients who cannot afford it. Patricia’s campaign has garnered a lot of support, and she will be presenting the petition to the parliament soon.

Moving forward after Jason’s passing

It’s been a year since Jason passed away, and it has been hard for Patricia and her children. He was the head of their family and their rock. However, Patricia and her children have been brave and know how hard Jason fought for his life. They have been inspired to continue his legacy and help other lung cancer patients have access to life-saving drugs.


Patricia’s experience with Keytruda highlights the need for better access to life-saving drugs for all patients. Lung cancer patients, in particular, face a lot of financial burden due to the high cost of such drugs. Patricia’s campaign is a step in the right direction, and it’s heartening to see the support she has received. Hopefully, her efforts will help improve the lives of lung cancer patients and their families.

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